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Zero Compromise Optic ZC840

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Our engineers have set the next standard for magnification, imaging performance and mechanical precision. With its 8-40x magnification and unsurpassed resolution, this optic transcends anything you’ve ever seen before.

Reticle available


The Zero Compromise Optic ZC840 (8-40x56mm) is a remarkable feat of optical engineering, setting a new benchmark in the high magnification scope segment.

As the highest magnification range offering from Zero Compromise Optic, the ZC840 is a true game-changer in precision optics, catering to the most demanding needs of shooters and hunters alike. At its core, the ZC840 boasts an impressive 8-40x magnification range, enabling unprecedented zoom capabilities. This feature is particularly advantageous for shooters who require versatility and precision over various distances.

The 56mm objective lens further enhances this capability, providing excellent light-gathering power for clear, bright images even in lower light conditions. Weighing in at 1150g or 40.56oz, the ZC840 balances a robust build and manageable weight. This makes it a practical choice for those who spend extended periods in the field or at the range, as it doesn’t add excessive weight to the rifle setup.

A standout feature of the ZC840 is its 28-mil elevation adjustment. This generous adjustment range allows for precise bullet drop compensation over long distances, making it an ideal tool for long-range precision shooting disciplines such as F-Class. This feature and its high magnification make the ZC840 a formidable tool for hitting distant targets with remarkable accuracy. Field Target air rifle shooters will find the 15-yard parallax distance of the ZC840 particularly appealing.

This close-focus capability is essential for the sport, where targets are often placed at shorter ranges. The ability to focus clearly at such a short distance is a rare and valuable feature in high magnification scopes, making the ZC840 a preferred choice for competitive air rifle shooting.

The scope is relevant for long-range precision shooting like F-Class and fits perfectly into the realms of Precision Rifle Series (PRS) and club shooters willing to invest in high-quality equipment. Its premium build and advanced features make it a suitable investment for those serious about their shooting performance and looking for no compromise in quality. In conclusion, the Zero Compromise Optic ZC840 (8-40x56mm) is a natural heavy hitter in terms of performance and specifications.

Its high magnification, substantial elevation adjustment, and short-distance parallax capability make it a versatile and powerful tool for a wide range of shooting disciplines. Whether for competitive shooting or hunting, the ZC840 stands out as a top-tier optic for those who demand the best.


Objective Diameter56mm56mm
Exit Pupil7 – 1.4mm7 – 1.4mm
Field of View max. / min.4.6 – 1 (m/100m)4.6 – 1 (m/100m)
Field of View13.8 -3 (ft/100Yds.)13.8 -3 (ft/100Yds.)
Eye Relief >90 mm >90 mm
Light Transmission92%92%
Reticle Image Plane1.1.
Diopter Adjustment -3 / 2 (Dpt.) -3 / 2 (Dpt.)
Main Tube Diameter36 mm36 mm
Length440 mm440 mm
Elevation Adjustment57 MOA (85) /100m28 MRAD /100m
Windage Adjustment18 MOA (41) /100m12 MRAD /100m
Click Value0.125 (cm/100m)0.125 (cm/100m)
Turret RotationCCWCCW
Filter Thread ObjectiveM60x0.75 mmM60x0.75 mm
Water Resistant4m4m
Temperature Function -25°/60° (C°) -25°/60° (C°)
Illuminated ColourRed / GreenRed / Green
Locking Elevation / WindageElevation & WindageElevation & Windage
AIM – Automatic Illumination ManagementAfter two minutes, or in certain positions/angles, after two hours – the system will fully shut down.After two minutes, or in certain positions/angles, after two hours – the system will fully shut down.

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Reticle Option

MOA, MPCT1X, MPCT2X, MPCT3X, Tremor3, Tremor5

Turret Option

Locking, None Locking


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