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Triggercam 2.1 Scope Mounted Action Camera.

Best rifle scope camera for the dedicated sportsman and hunter.

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The Triggercam 2.1 Scope Mounted Action Camera allows you to view and record video through your rifle scope in up to 4K 30 fps quality. The option to live stream to a phone or tablet is great for coaches and spotters, allowing them to see what the shooter is seeing in real-time. A handy record function makes it easy to share videos of your match or hunt to your friends or followers on social media. The 2.1 camera is constructed of aircraft grade aluminium to withstand heavy recoil.
View and record through your rifle scope in up to 4K 30 fps quality. Or select 1080P 120fps/60fps/30fps, 720 240 fps/ 120fps
Transmit to your phone/tablet via built in Wi-Fi. Share your video with friends via social media.
Records high quality audio with the option to turn off the audio.
Live Streaming to your phone/tablet (Android, IOS)
Constructed of Aircraft grade aluminium to withstand heavy recoil
Waterproof to withstand harsh outdoor conditions: IP64 rating
Great for spotters and coaches
Rechargeable internal battery provides 10 hrs standby with 2.5 hr recording time.

Aircraft grade aluminium and proprietary anti shock materials: Military grade design, engineered to withstand recoil force
and unforgiving outdoor conditions
• Dimensions L x W x H : 100mm x 50mm x 93.2mm
• Weight: 453 grams
• Rifle Scope Eyepiece compatibility: 32mm – 48mm
• Smart Phone APP: TRIGGERCAM 2.1 APP available on Android, IOS & Huawei operating systems. Live streaming capability,
video gallery, camera control, download and edit videos.
• Memory: SD Card up to 128G, Class U3 or Above.
• Wi-Fi: Integrated Wi-Fi with live streaming function and instant downloading of videos
• Quick record: Switches on power and record function for instant recording
• Optics: Multi coated optical lens for optimal performance.
• Video stabilization: Advanced video stabilization technology assists in optimal quality videos minimizing recoil effects.
• Function can be switched ON/OFF
• Waterproof: IP64 rating
• Battery: Integrated lithium ion battery with 2.5 hours recording time, and 10 hours standby time
• High definition slow motion video replay: 4 x (1080P 100/120fps) / 8 x (720P 200/240fps)
• True sound microphone: Able to record high quality sound 360 degree true sound, able to switch on and off
• Resolution: 4K 30fps
• 1080P 120fps/60fps/30fps
• 720P 240fps/120fps
• USB: C-type USB,
• HDMI: Micro HDMI for TV output
• Video output: PAL/NTSC
• Recording Timing Alarm: Off/3min/5min/10min
• Input Voltage: 5V
• Other features: Auto low light function

What’s in the box: 1 x TRIGGERCAM 2.1, 1 x C-type USB Cable, 32GB micro SD card, 1 x Quick start guide

The TRIGGERCAM mobile app provide the user with fully integrated control interface to your TRIGGERCAM through Wi-Fi
connectivity. The app is available on both IOS & Android platforms downloadable from the app stores free. The app provides
users with the following interactive functions:• Livestream TRIGGERCAM to your mobile device. • Control the recording of
your TRIGGERCAM from your device. • Record, save and view videos directly from your device. • Share your video/photo
content on Social media platforms and with friends. • Manage all the settings of your TRIGGERCAM. • Access the gallery of
all your video/photo content on your mobile device.


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