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Celtic Precision Tomahawk

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The Celtic Precision Tomahawk is born!  Introducing the lowest profile barricade bag on the planet!

The 4″x8″ can be ordered with straps to attach to any of the following arca plates. NB: Not available for the 5.5″x8″. Please select “No Plate” option.

  • CP plate
  • MBE ballistic solutions
  • Coletac backbone
  • Grey Ops mini gun plate v2
  • Grey Ops mini plate pro
  • Custom plate

Fill Options.

  • Glass crumb
  • SNIPERLITE (Dragon eggs)


The Celtic Precision Tomahawk is born!  Introducing the lowest profile barricade bag on the planet!  While the Battleaxe is perfect on most barricades, for everything else there’s the Tomahawk!  What a deadly duo!!

Don’t be fooled by it’s size, the Tomahawk packs a serious punch!  Retaining 8” length and available in 4″ and 5.5″ width variations, this bag is super stable! 

Can be used either way up for varying width barricades just like it’s bigger brother the Battleaxe!  Great for small portholes, between fence railings, or just running a stage flat out with or without tripod rear support!  Also doubles as a great rear bag!  Phenomenal little guy!!

The Tomahawk 5.5 is 1.5″ wider than the standard Tomahawk 4, so it might be better suited as a main bag.  Weighing approx  6lb with sand it’s an absolute belter for running a fast stage or someone looking for a more manageable bag with less height.

Self-Fill recommendations:

  • Bench shooting = Kiln dried sand.
  • Competition PRS style = Kiln dried sand/Paella rice or similar.
  • Hunting = Light fill poly beads or similar.

Available Pre-Fill:

  • Glass crumb
  • SniperLITE (Dragon eggs) 2lb

Additional information


Plate Ready, Single Strap


4"x 8", 5.5"x 8"

Fill Type

Glass crumb, No Fill, SniperLITE (Dragon eggs)

Arca Plate Options

Celtic Precision Plate, Coletac backbone, Custom Plate, Grey Ops Mini Gun Plate v2, Grey Ops Mini Plate Pro, MBE Ballistic Solutions Plate, No Plate


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